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Car window tinting can improve the looks of a vehicle, it also protects the passengers and the interior from harmful UV radiation at a rating at SPF50+. It also adds a privacy element and, in performance products, improves cabin temperature by reducing solar gain through the windows!

Darkest Legal is a measure of the amount of visual light arriving in the cabin through the window tint.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not about colour, performance, quality, or any other variable.  It is not even an identifying factor as all products are available at darkest legal!

Here’s how car window tinting can benefit you:

  • Protect your passengers. We have tint films that can reject up to 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Superior clarity. The visual experience with car window tinting is critical
  • Heat rejection takes the sting out of the sun
  • Reduced strain on AC units

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Our car window facilities can accommodate vehicles up to 3.8m in height. All our products are sourced direct from large global manufacturers (USA and Israel) with excellent reputations for quality products. For reassurance, our products come with a limited lifetime warranty, for the original consumer. Please note the warranty is void for DIY Tint.

Buy your car window tinting with confidence

There are some important factors to consider when thinking about getting car windows tinted. The brand and type of tint film used and the experience of the installer. Air environment is critical when installing tint film. Tint film is highly sensitive to airborne contaminants, even close by fans can cause problems. At Tint Mart Sumner Park, Brisbane we have our own facility that allows us to keep the air environment optimal for installing tint.

Our experience and knowledge mean that you’ll get the right tint film for the job and a professional coverage that is covered by a guarantee. We can accommodate most appointment times for your best convenience.

To get a free no obligation quote, or book in for an appointment, call us between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

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