We make DIY window tint convenient

Our DIY window tint service is ideal for people living in rural our outback areas where professional window tinting services are not available.

At our Sumner Park location in Brisbane, we have facilities stock a variety of products we offer at wholesale prices for DIY window tinting. We can provide basic instructions and answer any questions you have, there is no warranty given with DIY window tinting.

Although window tinting may look easy, it’s typically because the person doing it is a professional and has done it many times before. If you want long-lasting tinting that doesn’t peel, crack, have bubbles, or poor fitting, it’s best left to an expert. Tint film can be unforgiving in not done in a controlled environment. Getting tinting done by a professional, you’ll also get the best product and a manufacturers warranty that typically does not apply on a DIY window tint.

Our window tinting film is ideal for protecting the windows on your home, farm machinery such as tractors, cars, and utes. Window tinting

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Got a question about a DIY window tint? We can help

We’ll ask you a few questions about what result you’re after to help us help you choose wisely. Once we know which film to supply, we’ll cut the tint film to the measurements you require and ship it to you anywhere in Australia. We stock only high-quality reputable brands from companies located in the USA and Israel.

Call us Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. We’ll be able to give you expert advice on choosing the right tint film for your window tinting.

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