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Many offices face the challenge of allowing in as much natural light as possible without the excess heat and harmful UV-A and UV-B rays that easily penetrate glass. The solution is to have the windows professionally covered with a specially designed tint film. The tint specialists at Tint Mart, can help you find the right solution for your office. We help offices with problems related to glare, heat, and light.

Office window tinting can save you money and help you protect your staff! Here’s how:

Direct sunlight can be very harmful to skin. Being exposed to the UV-A and UV-B rays for too long can cause sunburn and dangerous skin damage.

Office equipment such as printers, computers, photocopiers, desks, and chairs, can fade due to damaging UV rays. On a practical level, sun can quickly fade promotional materials, flyers, banners, and posters.

Another benefit of office window tinting is cooling. In a city such as Brisbane, summer can be unbearable without sufficient cooling. Window tinting can reduce the amount of heat coming into your office via windows. Less air-conditioning and an air conditioner that doesn’t have to work as hard, means savings on your electricity bill.

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Get the best out of your team by keeping your staff cool and comfortable in their working environment. Comfortable staff are happy staff, and happy staff are more productive staff!

Window tinting will also help in the cooler months by helping to insulate your office and preventing warm air escaping through windows.

Other added benefits window tinting can offer are reducing glare, adding privacy by limiting visibility into an office. Keeping prying eyes from looking at sensitive documents, and/or for offering privacy for your clients. Tinted windows also offer an additional level of security, giving you more protection from windows shattering.

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Tint Mart Brisbane offer a professional window tinting service for commercial offices, retail shopfronts, residential child care homes, and home offices. We specialise in a variety of professional window tinting services including Car Tint and Home Tint, as well as Office Tint. We are a fully equipped mobile service operating in and around Brisbane.

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